The Trip

I should definitely write up a little something about the trip before I forget all about it, and I’m sorry it has taken so long! Let’s  line up a couple of the absolute high and low points of this journey! Starting with the low points seems to be the best to do, so that I’ll be in a good mood at the end of this post.

Low point #1: 20 hours from point A to point B

This is pretty much a given, and on the way back the trip was more like 24 hours due to delays, even with the marvels of today’s technology it still takes three hours to deice a plane, but I’m not bitter, at least it looked pretty interesting.

Low point #2:  Not having time to visit everything…


… like Bill Gates mansion… or an “Everything’s $1.00”-store!

Low point 3: The trip ending so soon

I was being slightly dumb and miscalculated the number of days I’d be staying, 24 lost hours hurt!

High point #1: Seeing Jennifer again

She was wonderful, served me sandwiches after my long plane ride and showed me all around America. This trip would never have been as fantastic as it was without her.

High point #2: Feeling welcome

It was great to get the opportunity to speak and socialize with real Americans and both Jennifer’s parents and their current respective halves were extremely nice! Speaking of, her father bears a striking resemblance to my gymnasium math teacher, or is that just me?

High point #3: Amanda Palmer and The Danger Ensemble live!

Some people are just born entertainers, a wonderful concert by Amanda Palmer with friends such as Zoe Keating, Jason Webley and The Builders and The Butchers, which I personally really enjoyed – wonderful melodic folk music with a twist and great feeling from the band.

(Photo courtesy of M. Garbutt on flickr!)

High point #4: Sitting in a comfy sofa… in the bathroom!

It was quite an experience to see a bathroom the size of your own apartment!

High point #5: Seattle – a living breathing metropolis


Seeing “The Emerald City” was amazing, everything truly is bigger in America.

High point #6: Eating an authentic American Big Mac!

Yes, it was different – not better or worse, just different. As you can see though, it’s not much prettier over there, I’ll make sure to post a reference shot of a Swedish Big Mac later on. Speaking of McDonalds…

Time to upgrade their signs to hold three numerals, just like we had to do when gas prices went haywire.

High point #7: Hot Dog On A Stick

I’m not sure this actually needs an explanation – it’s just that awesome.

High point #8:The “Church-gone-Gun Shop”

Jennifer explained to me that this used to be a church but shut down a while ago and was reinstated as a gun shop, kind of sad.

High point #9: The cutest antiques store ever

This just makes my heart go warm, and we spent hours in there looking att all the interesting antiques.

And that’s it, if you’ve worked your way down to the very end of this post I hope you enjoyed some of my memorable moments from my first trip to the land of the free and home of the brave. Feel free to comment on anything and everything!

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2 Comments on “The Trip”

  1. P Says:

    Såg du Amanda Palmer live!?


  2. Mikolan Says:

    Hot dog on a stick har ju inget att sätta emot Jimmy Dean’s Chocolate Chip Pancake & Sausage on a stick!

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