Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents too simple for you? Try the double-mirror mod(e)!


Think Ouendan is way too simple? I know at least one of my friends has mastered the last song of Ouendan 2 with hidden mode on without missing a single note.  So if you are one of those people and still crave your daily Ouendan fix this post is for you. A while ago while surfing for videos of the Ouendan games I came across this video showing what could be accomplished with a little bit of fantasy and an incorrect Nintendo DS touch screen calibration, which you see being performed in the beginning of the video. The video poster flips the X axis of the screen, so that you need to tap the notes as the screenshot below shows and creates a “mirror” mode.


Are you confused yet?

As me and Stephanie were brainstorming the other day, we modified the idea a bit and came up with the double mirror mode which flips both axis to create maximum confusion and/or awesomeness. Some example images are shown below.


At least it can’t get any worse, right?


Oh, get out of here.

If you’re not scared yet, read on for calibration instructions.

Come on everybody – do the calibration
Performing a X-axis “simple” mirror mode calibration is shown in the video linked at the beginning of the post. Performing the “double” mirror mode isn’t much harder, but I’ve included an image below for reference.


This “extra mode” could probably give you another 3x the time it took you to complete the games the first time around. I myself cleared them all on Insane normally and still can’t clear anything but the basic song on the easiest difficulty setting in the double mirror mode.
As always, feel free to comment on your experiences and progress!

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