High on validation

thinlineThe thin… black line?

I think I’ve found my drug of choice. It’s neither alcohol nor tobacco, and probably not whatelse you can guess – it’s W3’s (X)HTML validation engine. Pressing that big button nervously, awaiting the  validation server to fetch ones page, perform its ruthless tests and spit out either that satisfying green glow, releasing endorfins at light-speed into your system, or being faced with that that ominous red banner that makes your skin creep like a bad trip (I would assume.)

Ah, to be alive!

PS. I think the cwalken twitter might be influencing me a bit too much for my own good. DS.

In other news…

royksopp-junior royksopp_the_understanding_prcd1

Covers for Junior and The Understanding, respectively

The new Röyksopp album, Junior –  is good. Actually, it’s very good. Not really “The Understanding”-good and far more poppy, but I think that might be because “The Understanding” will always hold a special meaning in my life. Somehow Junior reminds me of Pocket Symphony, which is something very positive – even with all the hype I thought Pocket Symphony was very solid. I hope Röyksopps pays their neighboring country a visit on their upcoming tour.

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One Comment on “High on validation”

  1. P Says:

    ooo den finns på Spotify! I will listen to this!

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