/dev/india – Day 2 – The Long Journey Pt. II, or Everything is so new…

We got to the hotel where I am staying at about 6AM, and I took a nice nap deep into the afternoon hours. Oskari came by and picked me up to go downtown for errands and showing me a bit of Mumbai. It was raining heavily most of the way and we got into a huge traffic jam. Luckily we had an air-conditioned taxi so it wasn’t all bad.

Road tolls are a common occurence.

Quick shot from the taxi.

Went to the local McDonalds, and it was quite a surprise. I knew that people do not traditionally eat beef in India, but it was interesting to see that I did not recognize a single burger on the menu.

For my first visit, I tried the Maharaja Mac, a Big Mac chicken equivalent. (But with a much cooler name!)

Hail to the king, baby!

After the mall me and Oskari went to the area where the offices are located, and stopped by Oskaris apartment where he showed me his awesomely massive tie collection!

In the evening, we went to get drinks at a local club with Shrenik, Oskaris right hand in India. Shrenik is a man of great ambitions, and we passionately discussed the finer details of our project, our lives and India in general.

The Brass Monkey club was impressive to say the least, with luxurious interior, stage lighting and extravagant drinks on the menu – it was a stark contrast to the rest of the India I had seen so far. Along the major highway we passed on the way, people were sleeping on the pavement, with nothing but improvised tents to give shelter.

There was just something surreal about seeing wealthy families in silk shirts and fine dresses as you thought about what it looked like just outside the walls of the establishment.

The club had a smokers lounge, right inside a huge shopping mall!

Classy interior inside the “Smoking den”.

As for drinking, I tried the local Kingfisher brand of beer, which was really good, with a deep yeasty aftertaste.

After having a sufficient (or slightly above that) amount of alcohol, I managed to rikshaw my way to the hotel and it was time to sleep again.


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