/dev/india – Day 3 – Getting settled

Stopped by the office today and settled in a bit. Since it was Sunday, it was just me and Oskari. The offices are really nice and clean, with pretty decent computers (Spotted a few Core i3’s!)

The Office

Then it was off to the mall for shopping!

Short video of the mall below – lots of people!

The mall had a huge food court and seeing a familiar brand i quickly made my way to the Subway takeout. Interestingly, the vegetables that are being used for making vegetarian sandwiches are separated from the vegetables being used in meat sandwiches. Indians take their vegetarianism very seriously. I opted for a orthodox Italian BMT, which was delicious.

After that we stopped by a home and lifestyle store and purchased a small water boiler, some cutlery, a cup and a really cool bowl with engraved ornaments on the inside. Now i can make tea, noodles and soup in my room if I get hungry. 🙂

At the convenience store, I found a section that sold wines and asked the clerk to suggest me a good Indian wine:

Oskari came up with me to the hotel, and we watched Frasier and Seinfeld (Which Oskari did not seem to enjoy. 😦 )

We also uncorked the wine – it was really forceful with a strong woody taste. It was probably one of the strongest wines I’ve tried in terms of flavour. Think I’ll have to bring home a bottle!

After Oskari left, I watched some Frasier on the telly before drifting off into sleep.

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2 Comments on “/dev/india – Day 3 – Getting settled”

  1. Jean Says:

    Oj. Hur kan man ogilla Frasier och Seinfeld, två av de absolut bästa tv-serierna någonsin? Är det ens möjligt?

    Trevlig läsning! Glöm inte att fortsätta hålla oss uppdaterade. 🙂

    • khromov Says:

      Tror jag var lite otydlig, han älskar Frasier, men hatar Seinfeld. Skumt som tusan fortfarande, för det är som du säger två av de bästa serierna någonsin. 😀

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