/dev/india – Day 4 – Rikshaw madness

Chicken and mutton biriyani!

Met Hermine for the first time in the hotel lobby on the way to work! She seemed very nice and had a quirky personality. 🙂

Also met all the workers at the office. They were all very friendly. Didn’t snap a picture but promise to post a group photo later!

After a productive day, we planned on going to mine and Hermines hotel with Oskari for some dinner and TV watching. (America’s Got Talent has started again!)

Unfortunately faith had other plans for us. India doesn’t use addresses in the same extent we do in Europe, and instead people explain where to go by major landmarks, intersections and names of larger streets. Since none of us speak Hindi, and the rikshaw drivers generally don’t speak English, it’s always a challenge to get back to the hotel. (From the hotel, the portier helps us get a cab.)

The rikshaw accidentally drove us to Goregaon station, and we had no idea how to gesture our ways back to the hotel, so we just got out and found ourselves lost in the night. After checking the GPS, we slowly made our way to the hotel on foot. It was about 8PM and pitch-black. The streets at night didn’t feel very welcoming, and it was kind of an unnerving experience for me.

The “boss stage” of the walk as Oskari put it, was crossing the street to reach the hotel. There are no pedestrian crossings around the hotel and the traffic on the four-lane highway felt almost as dense as the evening heat. After some hesitant flinches we ran over the street and found us at the hotel, home at last.

Once at the hotel, we ordered Biriyani, which I thought was a bit bland. (Think I was expecting a bit much from rice and meat.)

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  1. […] a picture from Oskari of the highway we crossed the other day in “Rikshaw madness“. The thing still gives me the chills when I look at it. You have like 30 centimetres of […]

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