/dev/india – Day 8 – First week in India!

I can’t believe it’s been a week already!

India has been great so far. It’s had both it’s ups and downs but I’m looking forward to the remainder of my stay.

Oskari finished a great logo concept today – wish I could share it but the whole thing is hush-hush before the official launch.

Got a picture from Oskari of the highway we crossed the other day in “Rikshaw madness“. The thing still gives me the chills when I look at it. You have like 30 centimetres of space where the cars aren’t actually driving, and there’s a culture of honking all the time in India, so you feel like somebody is going to run you over at any second.

No work tomorrow, and we’re gonna go shopping and also get to sleep in, that means browsing the net, blogging and chatting, woo!

As you readers have probably noticed I’ve tried to publish my backlog of daily posts over the past two days. I haven’t really had reliable connectivity at the hotel until now (picture proof below) and there’s been so much going on and so little time, but starting today we’re going to do one steady blog post per day. Thanks for reading so far and hope you keep on visiting now that the post schedule is a little less erratic. 🙂

Pinging my box at home, 3G connectivity isn’t always working so well at the hotel.

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One Comment on “/dev/india – Day 8 – First week in India!”

  1. Linus Says:

    Dåligt OS val 😉

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