/dev/india – Post-India picture dump, Part 1

I’m back!

I did eventually have to concede defeat as my illness got worse and worse, so I went back home week earlier than planned, which was of course a great disappointment and also a delay to the project, but we’re doing the best out of a bad situation and trying to continue with the project as fast as possible. More news will be posted as soon as we enter private beta.

Regarding my health, I am still a bit tired but feel much better now!

Another great disappointment was that I didn’t get to post all the pictures and videos that were taken, so I’m going to dump them here over a couple of posts during the next few days, as well as on facebook. 🙂

We’re starting off with some pictures of the hotel room:
General overview, room was pretty great!

Locks can be locked from the inside (twice!), for added security.

I bought the cutest cutlery set. ;D

Huge medicine cabinet (that eventually ended up saving me. :P)

Yours truly!

Neatly packed washed clothes…

…with individual labels, gotta love that!

And a short video of the room and highway (not as scary as during nighttime)



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