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Internet wisdom



Just a little fragment of “internet wisdom” I randomly stumbled upon on Youtube the other day. (Click for large version.)

I’m not conspiracy-prone, but these guys look almost too funky to pass up on:

The established Stewart Swerdlow with wife, Janet. (Click for homepage.)

Who are they? What do they actually do? Developing topic!

Drug Usage (Comic)


Something that feels this good shouldn't be legal. I swear, by the time I turn thirty my ears will fall off!

(Thanks to NCES for the graph tool!)

In other news…
And the prize for weirdest game ever goes to… Seaman!

GD-ROM (Comic)



Poor GD-ROM!

In other news…
You are reading my shortest blog post ever!

Even further…
I admire how Paypal is unable to show you a list of your current active payment subscriptions, and how to even see your subscription history, you have to navigate through layers and layers of submenus. The designer has clearly been on vacation for a while.

“Assembling the Rolig IKEA chair” or “Web Detective Extravaganza”


This might seem a very odd topic for a technical blog, but I just had to pass on this knowledge, for the sake of humanity.

We have in our possession one of these weird puffy arm-chair pictured above, and decided it was time to get it washed. But underneath the cover there’s a myriad of cushion-like components which have to be placed in a correct fashion if the chair is to contain its original form. When we were supposed to stuff the cover again we ran into a pickle, how exactly do you fit these things in? Mother mentioned it had been bought at IKEA, and the assembly instructions were long lost, and so …

…detective work begins!
I noticed the cushions were branded with SoftAir, which apparently is something as simple as a company that makes furniture out of air-filled bags. So far so good. The chair was no longer in the sortiment, but I managed to find this forum post from which had a link to the manual.

I hope that someone stumbles upon this page through a search engine one day and managed to find the manual in a simpler fashion than I had to go through. Also, this is a little reminder for me the next time we wash this thing. xD

Oh yeah…
…almost forgot the manual.

In other news…
Our dog peed on our “Rolig” IKEA arm-chair.

Bored? Try my hellish Image Maze web game!


imagemaze_level1The beginning…

Level-based/hacker web games have been around for a long time now. The usual premise is that you land on a page using your browser, and with the help of the information on this page are supposed to reach the “next level”, ie. the next page, with yet another mystery, and so on. This is accomplished by either manipulating the URL through the hints you have received, or inputting a password in a form on the page.

I’ve always thought it was a great concept and have played quite a few of them in my days. (Although I’m having a real time finding them right now, maybe I’m using the wrong search terms – if you remember any of these classics, feel free to post the link to them in the comment section!)

But you’re not here for them, no you’re in for my very own Image Maze. So head on over to and you’ll soon notice that you have been bumped to – “first” being the level name, and your task is to find the next level, for example, if you were to guess that the next level is called “brownie”, you simply go to and check it out. Now you’re on your own!

The game contains six levels, which quickly go from very simple to sucker hard, each level has a very vague hint on what to do to find the next level name, and features some of the photos I’ve taken over the years. Once you’ve finished all of the levels you’ll get a unique code, post it in the comment section if you want to brag about your accomplishment! 🙂

I’ve assembled a bunch of hints if you get stuck, but don’t peek unless you’re absolutely lost – because just like Hint Coins in Professor Layton, it ruins the experience! In order to view the hints, simply mark the text in the black boxes below.

Level 1 – What kind of extra information does an image carry when used in HTML?
Level 2 – Now would probably be a great time to check out the HTML code!
Level 3 – Woah, that’s quite a big image – but why?!
Level 4 – What usually causes an image to now be shown?
Level 5 – Your browser won’t help you solve this one, there’s a secret inside the image.
Level 6 – This one is kind of like the last one, only the other way around.

In other news…

Small logo improvement suggestion to account for actual company policy.

The oddball, unstable queue  and booking system employed by Swedish event ticket seller Ticnet stinks. The fact that they have pretty much a monopoly on any larger event doesn’t make things better. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my Rammstein concert sitting down… in the back… Blargh.