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When I grow up, I want to be a search engine!



To the outside world, the Majestic12 website doesn’t look like much – it hardly even resembles a search engine.  But behind that plain-looking facade, Majestic12 is a living, breathing organism with thousands of participating computers who crawl the web for content and links . Majestic12 users donate their bandwidth to the project, and I’m trying to do my part. The actual search engine of the project is still after almost four years of crawling pretty much useless, and any of the larger search engines do a far better job, but the concept is intriguing and the thought is good. Another interesting idea is that you can create your own search algorithm, providing you are handy enough! All that is needed is to register on the search engine subsite and start tinkering with the priorities that you feel are important in search results.


I’ve got the power! Now if I just edit a random memory location anndd…

Of course, with putting the trust in the end users comes great responsibility – a user might have had his DNS records hijacked, rerouting sites incorrectly and possibly lowering the ranking of benevolent sites while improving that of malicious ones – or he might be a ill-natured hacker himself, possibly trying to employ SEO for his own or a contractors site,  requiring double- and triple-checking by independent other users of the project, as suggested in this forum post, which increases the load on web servers as each page has to be checked multiple times to ensure correctness. This hasn’t seemed to be a problem thus far, but as the search engine grows I hope that the programmers behind this extremely ambitious project are prepared for counter-measures. All I can do for now is to urge you to start your own node and help with this project. The crawling software runs under Windows, OSX and Linux.

Majestic12 is a great alternative to other causes like SETI@Home and it might very well be the future of search engines.

Majestic 12? That sounds familiar!
You weren’t the only one to think that! Majestic 12 is one of the most popular conspiracy theories of all times and is thought to be a secret committee consisting of scientists and government officials gathered by president Truman after the supposed UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. There is a huge amount of information on the topic, and I haven’t even had time to skim the surface, but it seems like a fascinating read.

In other news…

The b(a/ea)stard in action

Ever since Mattias showed me Bastard Tetris, he has (possibly) inadvertently killed a small part of my soul. This seemingly innocent Tetris clone uses a custom-built algorithm that instead of randomizing the tetrominos you get, tries to give you the worst piece computationally possible. It even mocks you by showing which piece it will absolutely not give you under any circumstance. Oh the pain. My current record after a few infuriating games is 250 points, which translates to a measly five cleared lines. This game should be available to all *NIX and Linux distributions, and is called bastet in packet managers around the planet. For anyone else who wishes to play this I found a clone made in flash, although the algorithm seemed nicer as I managed to clear six lines on my first attempt.

High on validation


thinlineThe thin… black line?

I think I’ve found my drug of choice. It’s neither alcohol nor tobacco, and probably not whatelse you can guess – it’s W3’s (X)HTML validation engine. Pressing that big button nervously, awaiting the  validation server to fetch ones page, perform its ruthless tests and spit out either that satisfying green glow, releasing endorfins at light-speed into your system, or being faced with that that ominous red banner that makes your skin creep like a bad trip (I would assume.)

Ah, to be alive!

PS. I think the cwalken twitter might be influencing me a bit too much for my own good. DS.

In other news…

royksopp-junior royksopp_the_understanding_prcd1

Covers for Junior and The Understanding, respectively

The new Röyksopp album, Junior –  is good. Actually, it’s very good. Not really “The Understanding”-good and far more poppy, but I think that might be because “The Understanding” will always hold a special meaning in my life. Somehow Junior reminds me of Pocket Symphony, which is something very positive – even with all the hype I thought Pocket Symphony was very solid. I hope Röyksopps pays their neighboring country a visit on their upcoming tour.

Christopher Walkens twitter feed


christopher_walken_3The man, the myth, the legend.

A few days ago I stumbled upon Christopher Walkens twitter feed on Digg, and now I truly feel ashamed to say that I have never seen a movie starring him. This guy is simply amazing – his feed always cheers me up. A few genius excerpts are wonderful tweets such as:

An escalator in Grand Central Station is out-of-service. I stood on it for a minute or two in the name of subtle irony. No-one else did.”

…and my definitive favourite so far…

There are many people here now. More than before. It seems undignified to talk about that though so I won’t. Welcome, I think.”

Combine those quotes with fun trivia such as the fact that he was a lion tamer at the age of fifteen and the following video…

…and you’ve pretty much created the most awesome man alive.
(Music video for Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice)

But wait, I’m not done yet.



Now I’m just going to go work on some plan (scheme?) to somehow become this awesome in the future.

Computer Years



Good dog, now read me my email aloud! (Image via.)

Most people are familiar with the concept of dog years – one human year equaling seven dog years. (Even though most professionals consider this to be a much too inaccurate scale.) So I wanted to propose a scale for another beloved pet – our computers. The mathematical formula has been described below.

Where A is the age of your computer in human years

It is equivalent to the following table:

Human years Computer years
1 5
2 15
3 30
4 50
5 75
6 105

There is absolutely no scientific basis to this, other than my personal opinion on when an all-round computer gets old.
So, what do you all say? 🙂