Misc. projects

This page contains some miscellaneous smaller projects.

CPU Noise Informational Wiki

I set up this wiki after finding out that my newly purchased laptop was affected by an issue that made the CPU resonate with the motherboard when idling. It currently has over 30 laptops on the “affected blacklist” and is visited by over 100 people monthly.

Go to cpunoise.shrtl.com

Calibre Recipes

IDG.se Calibre Recipe

Instapaper Calibre Recipe


php-microtemplate is a minimal templating engine for PHP.

See this blog post for more information.




Bitbucket repository


Shrtl started up when I was bored one summer night and wanted to create something in PHP/MySQL that was usable – a simple web service was perfect. And so, Shrtl (Pronounced “shorter” or “short-link”) was born.

Shrtl.com takes any long URL and converts it into a short one, it’s all explained in detail with examples here.

Support for password-protected links was added in an update.

Shrtl featured an image hosting function. New images are no longer accepted, although uploaded images will be hosted for a period of three (3) years.

Update 2011-12-13
Shrtl will continue being fully operational. However, no new features are planned.

Go to shrtl.com



Once upon a time I made music. It was a mix of genres as I experimented with everything from trance to ambient music. It might not have been exceptional in any way, but it was a wonderful learning experience. All of the tracks are still available for free download on the Stasoline homepage.

Go to stasoline.shrtl.com



Tullinge-LAN is the gathering point and image gallery for LAN parties and other activities at my former school, Tullinge Gymnasium. Tullinge-LAN was recently moved under the management of Tullinge Gymnasium.

The address was recently changed from tullinge-lan.com to tullinge-lan.se
Please update your bookmarks.

Go to tullinge-lan.se

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