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Isis and Dälek Live at Hornstull Strand, Stockholm (November 4th, 2009) – Photos and review



Remember in my last post, when I said it’s been a long since I went to a concert? It was time to change that! Seeing Isis and Dälek (Pronounced die-a-lect) really felt a world apart from Massive Attack. At Massive, we were standing ten rows back or so, but here, we were practically two feet away from the performers. Hooray for lesser known bands and up-close and personal concerts. I was initially surprised to see Dälek in the lineup, because they are a hip-hop band, but like someone pointed up, what Isis does for metal and sludge, Dälek does for hip-hop. They were great live, and reminded me somewhat of Coaxial, two thumbs up.

The club was a perfect venue for the concert, my only complaint being the horrible mixing of the microphone audio. Any singing by both Dälek and Isis was practically inaudible. Such a shame.


isis_dalek_sthlm_09_013The most bored sound check guy in existence

isis_dalek_sthlm_09_015Steffi shows some love for MC Dälek!

isis_dalek_sthlm_09_017Yours truly!

High-resolution photographs available here, lower-resolution (same size as gallery) archive available here. Also, big thans to Steffi, who took some of these pictures!

…apparently Mamiffer played just before Dälek, but we missed them. A shame, after coming home and hearing them, it would have been fun to see them live.