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Pirate Bay en route to retrial?


scan2_911200lTomas Norström under heavy fire by microphones
from all over the globe.

The Swedish radio channel P3 revealed information regarding Tomas Norström, judge in the Pirate Bay trial and his multiple conflicts of interest (bias) in regards to organisations that he takes part of, such as the Swedish Association Of Copyright, where he is a member together with people like Henrik Pontén and Monique Wadsten. Multiple articles have already been published regarding the topic, with DN (Swedish/English link) and Torrentfreak providing good coverage on the subject.

My thoughts
I’ll keep myself plain and simple – I have no idea how he thought he would get away with this. This is such a debated and infected trial and he should have stepped down without hesitation. Although he might argue that this did not affect his judgement (which he does) the wide masses of disgruntled file sharers and Pirate Bay sympathizers disagree. I’d hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I find it somewhat strange that all this surfaced shortly after the trial.

And now…
…depending on what the Hovrätt decides, the entire affair might be eligible for a retrial. We’ll see how this develops.

In other news…
Thank you for these “Improv Everywhere”-videos, Per. They really cheered me up!