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On The Pirate Bay verdict


tpbThe bay lives on, for now.

People who know me are familiar with my strong interest in file sharing, copyright law and the moral consequences involved. Therefore I feel almost obligated to write up a my opinion on the verdict that surfaced att 11AM today – sentencing the four accused – guilty, giving them one year in prison each and a collective fine of 30 000 000 swedish crowns.

I followed the trial almost every day through the live webcasts from the courtroom, and was often appalled at the low standard of technical knowledge throughout the course of it. Not only that – according to me the prosecutor failed to show that they had financial gain from the ads displayed, something the judge disagreed on and stated increased the penalty.

But as my friend Eva (Original Swedish / Translated English) points out, this trial does not mean the end and will most likely be appealed shortly. Experts speculate that the final verdict from the Swedish supreme court will be clear in no less than five years time.

In other news…
Fun trivia #1: I forgot to write the “In other news…” section when I first posted this, here’s some fun trivia to rectify it!

Fun trivia #2: Just played Mahjong for the first time, quite an interesting concept and game, look forward to many nights sweating, staring angrily at the other players!

I visited the trial on the last day briefly and you’ll find a few of the pictures I took in the gallery below!