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“Assembling the Rolig IKEA chair” or “Web Detective Extravaganza”


This might seem a very odd topic for a technical blog, but I just had to pass on this knowledge, for the sake of humanity.

We have in our possession one of these weird puffy arm-chair pictured above, and decided it was time to get it washed. But underneath the cover there’s a myriad of cushion-like components which have to be placed in a correct fashion if the chair is to contain its original form. When we were supposed to stuff the cover again we ran into a pickle, how exactly do you fit these things in? Mother mentioned it had been bought at IKEA, and the assembly instructions were long lost, and so …

…detective work begins!
I noticed the cushions were branded with SoftAir, which apparently is something as simple as a company that makes furniture out of air-filled bags. So far so good. The chair was no longer in the sortiment, but I managed to find this forum post from which had a link to the manual.

I hope that someone stumbles upon this page through a search engine one day and managed to find the manual in a simpler fashion than I had to go through. Also, this is a little reminder for me the next time we wash this thing. xD

Oh yeah…
…almost forgot the manual.

In other news…
Our dog peed on our “Rolig” IKEA arm-chair.