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Updating LoopiaDNS from Tomato and DD-WRT firmware


Loopia is one of the largest Swedish hosting providers and offers a free dynamic DNS service for any domain you own.

They have a great API which can be updated with a number of dynamic DNS clients. They also provide the possibility to update via a HTTP GET request, which we can use in Tomato and DD-WRT.

Go to Basic -> DDNS, select Custom URL as service and enter the URL below, swapping username, password and for your own values:

If you want to update multiple hostnames to the routers IP address, you can use comma delimited values in hostname, for example:,,


If you have a wildcard record (* it will get wiped, unless you append


to your request. Read this page for more info. (Swedish)


Updating LoopiaDNS from DD-WRT can be done via a startup script, check this forum post for instructions.

You can visit for information about LoopiaDNS in english.