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Why won’t OS X leave my thumb drive alone?


hermesThe result after copying a few files from a Mac onto my thumb drive.
I’m just waiting for the day when OS X comes with a “Don’t spam my drive
with an extravagant number of unnecessary files” checkbox.

If anyone else is interested in what these “._” files actually are and why you don’t need them you’ll find explanations here and here. In short they’re “fork files” that contain certain (unnecessary) settings and are a remainder from older days.

In other news…

61PKqcstHXL._SS500_Feer the deer.

If you’re in the market for some amazing stoner rock you can’t go wrong with Dozers album “Through the Eyes of Heathens”. I found this little diamond a little while ago and it’s been played a lot these past couple of week. It’s great for programming, inducuing a state of melacholia where the only thing that matters is you and your code.