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Tweaking Bulletstorm for PC


A couple of days ago I picked up Bulletstorm during the Steam Holiday Sale.

Bulletstorm is an excellent shooter, but it has been given a pretty bad PC port.

Luckily, since it’s based on the Unreal engine (UDK) you can tweak away any shortcomings using the configuration files.

First, you will need a tool to edit the obfuscated config files. Here are some mirrors for it:
Mirror 1 Removed due to DMCA request
Mirror 2

On Windows 7, the configuration files are located in:

C:\Users\<your account name>\Documents\My Games\BulletStorm

Important: If you use the tool above to open the configuration files directly from this folder, you need to run the tool with administrative privileges.

Now, start out with this excellent article by Ars Technica. It will help you fix things such as Mouse Smoothing, locked framerates and poor field-of-view in the game.

After this, there is one more important bug to fix – the scope view.

By default, the scope view (a.k.a. the aim down sight) has a fixed sensitivity that is unaffected by the in-game sensitivity setting. This means that if your in-game sensitivity is set very low, for example due to a high DPI mouse, the scope view will be too sensitive.

To fix this, we will need to adjust the internal Unreal engine mouse calibration.

In StormInput.ini, find the line MouseSensitivity and change it to a lower value, like this: (Default is 60)


This setting affects both the scope view and the regular sensitivity, so you will also have to increase the sensitivity in-game after this tweak.

Here are the settings I run in-game. Of course, the graphical settings are subject to your card.

Speaking of Bulletstorm…
Some UI design choices in this game are really weird, here’s one that stumped me the first time, let’s see if you spot it:

Review: Deus Ex: The Missing Link brings the atmosphere


Just played through the first DLC to Deux Ex: Human Revolutions – here’s my thoughts on it. (Warning, contains light spoilers.)

Let’s get it out by saying that at it’s current price point of 11EUR/15USD, it’s not really worth it. I agree with Kirk Hamiltons Kotaku review and do feel that GameTrailers went very soft when giving it a 7.9/10.

The world you are presented with is claustrophobically small, the side missions almost nonexistent, the main plot irrelevant in the larger scope of things and the ending a huge anticlimax. (Guess they really took that forced boss fight criticism to heart.) The length isn’t great either – I breezed through it in three hours. Don’t even get me started on the security scans that serve as a substitute for loading screens – they take three times as long to get through and since the game forces you to run back and forth in the same three parts of the ship you’ll see plenty of them.

At least they’re pretty though!

What I did like were the vistas the game presented you with. Even though the world itself is small, each corridor is packed to the brim with atmosphere. Deus Ex: Human Revolutions was a beautiful game, and The Missing Link takes it up another notch. Below is an album of some more of the gritty scenery you’ll be presented with throughout the course of the game. While the looks don’t atone for the other flaws, it does make The Missing Link noteworthy if you are a series diehard or simply enjoy lots of pretty (if cramped) visuals.