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Starcraft II Stockholm Invitational and the future of e-sports


I ‘ve been lurking about the Starcraft II e-sports scene for a while now, and it’s been such a fun experience seeing it grow, from the early beta casters like Husky and HDStarcraft to the extravagant GSL championships. I feel the culmination of this for me has been the Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational a couple of days ago.

It was such an exhilarating feeling, seeing progamers like IdrA, MC and Jinro battle it out in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. Experiencing all of that in person really made me believe in e-sports as a mainstream concept – it really wouldn’t surprise me if people in ten or twenty years would consider e-sports to be no different from traditional sports.

The future of e-sports looks so bright, thanks to the event organizers and dedicated fans – let’s push forward to new horizons!

Grainy cell phone imagery and excellent highlights video (by Coddan) below!