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Rammstein Live at Globen, Stockholm (February 20th, 2010) – Image gallery and HD videos!


What can you really say about Rammstein? I remember seeing them back in 2004 and being completely blown away by the show, the fireworks, pyrotechnics and just their presence. Almost six years has passed since then, and even though I’m a little older and (hopefully) a little smarter today I still can’t help but to be excited and boyish for everything Rammstein is and does live just when I was six years ago. Just great!

As for Combichrist? I don’t really know… I managed to catch the last song, which was just a cascade of curse words. Meh.

At first I cut together the best footage (i.e. the ones with least amount of shaking) which landed at a nice ten minutes. Then I thought, hey – not everyone likes Rammstein, but everyone likes some nice pyrotechnics, right? So I cut together a five minute or so “Pyromania edition” which contains all of the pyrotechnic clips from the concert.

Note: Please do excuse the audio. I know it is very bad, and I did what I could with the source material. I really need a better setup than the built-in camera microphone. 😦
Another note, YouTube video compression really took a toll on the videos. If you can, watch in 720p HD!

Regular edition:

Pyromania edition – now with 100% more fire!:

T0 make benefit of high-resolution footage without watermarks, click here to download. To get all of the images in lower web resolution (with watermarks) click here.


In other news…
Yes, I know “Globen” is actually “Ericsson Globe” by now, but I’m not calling it that until they force me!

Adding subtitles in MediaPortal (or any video player) by piping CoreAVC through ffdshow



Like I have mentioned previously, subtitle support in MediaPortal is still pretty much broken, and so I thought I’d share my ideas on how to bypass this problem for now and still get subtitles for your favorite series and movies. (Or permanently, the ffdshow subtitles are pretty nice!) I was googling for a solution and found this interesting post on the topic. The entire idea is pretty simple – you let CoreAVC handle the decoding  and then when you’re down to raw video – ffdshow takes over and just adds the subtitles on top before showing the entire video on screen. The best thing is that you’ll still get the speed of CoreAVC! The process can be summarized in just a few steps.

Install ffdshow tryouts
I am assuming you already have CoreAVC installed, but if not you should start with that. After you’re done with that, download and install ffdshow tryouts. I’ve included a link to the exact version I used, but the newest release should also work wonderfully.

Configure ffdshow
Start up the ffdshow configurator and start at the “Codecs” tab, make sure you scroll all the way down to “Raw video“, and select “all supported” – also make sure that the H.264/AVC decoding is set to “disabled“.
Now go to the Subtitles tab and enable them. The default configuration should work, but you can increase the size, font and colour to your liking.

Configure MediaPortal
MediaPortal does not allow DirectShow by default, and we want that to show the subtitles properly. Go to the options followed by Videos -> Video Player and make sure to enable “Automatic Decoder Settings” and that should be it. Similar procedures apply to other players that do not default to the DirectShow configuration. Something I noticed was that for some reason my video got brighter when piping through ffdshow, although only in MediaPortal. I tried to find some sort of setting that would magically change that but eventually just settled with reducing the brightness somewhat in the CoreAVC preferences.

And that’s all folks!

What, you thought it would be longer?

The Thomas Karlsson Project – Part 1



Last weekened marked an important step forward in the development of The Thomas Karlsson Project, a series of short films concerning different aspects of professional bicycling that me and my friend Thomas have had in the plannings for almost two years but due to different circumstances have never gotten off the ground. Finally – last weekend we started filming! The result was a whole bunch of great filler shots for the future, and hopefully we’ll be expanding upon the film(s) on a more frequent basis from now on. We’re not sure ourselves how these will turn out in the ends, but we agreed to try to make the best movies possible with as small of a budget as can be. We’ve made plans to build a steadycam, and I’m currently trying to build a homemade studio lamp, with a lot of help from Stephanie. If it turns into anything usable, I’ll make sure to post a DIY tutorial on it! Keep a look out for more information, as I will be updating on the status of the project as it develops.