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Rammstein Live at Globen, Stockholm (February 20th, 2010) – Image gallery and HD videos!


What can you really say about Rammstein? I remember seeing them back in 2004 and being completely blown away by the show, the fireworks, pyrotechnics and just their presence. Almost six years has passed since then, and even though I’m a little older and (hopefully) a little smarter today I still can’t help but to be excited and boyish for everything Rammstein is and does live just when I was six years ago. Just great!

As for Combichrist? I don’t really know… I managed to catch the last song, which was just a cascade of curse words. Meh.

At first I cut together the best footage (i.e. the ones with least amount of shaking) which landed at a nice ten minutes. Then I thought, hey – not everyone likes Rammstein, but everyone likes some nice pyrotechnics, right? So I cut together a five minute or so “Pyromania edition” which contains all of the pyrotechnic clips from the concert.

Note: Please do excuse the audio. I know it is very bad, and I did what I could with the source material. I really need a better setup than the built-in camera microphone. 😦
Another note, YouTube video compression really took a toll on the videos. If you can, watch in 720p HD!

Regular edition:

Pyromania edition – now with 100% more fire!:

T0 make benefit of high-resolution footage without watermarks, click here to download. To get all of the images in lower web resolution (with watermarks) click here.


In other news…
Yes, I know “Globen” is actually “Ericsson Globe” by now, but I’m not calling it that until they force me!

Fair use is dead – at least on YouTube


As I sat down to check my email today, I was confused to find a Copyright Infringement notification in my inbox from YouTube.  The letter is available in full below.


The video in question (now available without sound, courtesy of YouTube) is a 90 second long trailer that I mashed up from some homemade footage before one of the LAN-parties we had at my old school, Tullinge Gymnasium. It was a small, local production that had attracted a little over 500 views, and compared to some other videos using the same song, I’d say mine was one of the clearest fair use cases. Frankly, my first reaction was how someone from an american recording label was even looking at one of my videos. YouTube did not have option to claim fair usage, but instead only to either remove the sound, change the audio track or contact them regarding a false copyright claim. This is definitely not good practice and I’m sure my case isn’t the first of its kind. For now there really isn’t anything to do, but hopefully the staff over at YouTube is working on improving their service.