WordPress plugins and themes

This page displays some of my WordPress plugin and theme contributions.

khromov at WordPress.org


Thumbnail Upscale


Enables upscaling of thumbnails for small media attachments

Plugin page

Email Obfuscate Shortcode


Obfuscate your email address or other sensitive information with a shortcode to prevent spam and automated harvesting of data.

Plugin page

Distraction Free Writing mode Themes


This plugin provides themes for the WordPress Distraction Free Writing mode editor.

Plugin page

View Template Widget for Toolset Views


Allows you to add a Widget that displays a View Template from Toolset Views

It is useful for inserting information boxes about the current post being displayed in the widget area of your theme. It is possible to configure which content types each widget will be shown on.

Plugin page


Twenty Eleven Sidebar WordPress theme

Twentyeleven Sidebar is a Twenty Eleven child theme with a persistent sidebar, which means you will see the sidebar on individual posts, pages as well as media pages, such as for images. Since Twenty Eleven is a responsive theme, this child theme is also responsive and should look well on any screen size.

Get this theme from Bitbucket.

If you make improvements, feel free to fork it and submit at pull request!

The theme was inspired by this blog post by Chris Aprea.

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