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/dev/india – Post-India picture dump, Part 2


Long-delayed part 2 of previous post coming up – most of these are already on Facebook and Google+, so you should have seen them already.

There’s been a ton of interesting stuff happening – our app is entering beta in the days to come, I’ve been to Paris, and now school and part-time work is starting again.

In other news, I’m refusing to concede to the current erratic blogging schedule, so there’s a new strategy to make posts more frequent – I have created empty posts and scheduled them to publish every two weeks using WordPress. This guarantees at the very least an update every 14 days, even if it might be short, but the goal is to write something – no matter how small.

Below is a short video of when we were driving to the High Street Phoenix shopping mall, featuring music by Alexander Brandon.


/dev/india – Post-India picture dump, Part 1


I’m back!

I did eventually have to concede defeat as my illness got worse and worse, so I went back home week earlier than planned, which was of course a great disappointment and also a delay to the project, but we’re doing the best out of a bad situation and trying to continue with the project as fast as possible. More news will be posted as soon as we enter private beta.

Regarding my health, I am still a bit tired but feel much better now!

Another great disappointment was that I didn’t get to post all the pictures and videos that were taken, so I’m going to dump them here over a couple of posts during the next few days, as well as on facebook. 🙂

We’re starting off with some pictures of the hotel room:
General overview, room was pretty great!

Locks can be locked from the inside (twice!), for added security.

I bought the cutest cutlery set. ;D

Huge medicine cabinet (that eventually ended up saving me. :P)

Yours truly!

Neatly packed washed clothes…

…with individual labels, gotta love that!

And a short video of the room and highway (not as scary as during nighttime)



/dev/india – Day 9-12 – Aw, damn!


So just when I was in sync with my blog posts and everything was going so well, fate rears its ugly head at me. I’ve been having some pretty bad food poisoning over the past few days, hence no blog posts. (And as you can guess, nothing pleasant to write about.)

Today is the first day I’ve felt better. (That’s the best birthday present my body could give me, let’s hope it sticks. :))

I do have some pictures and videos from the High Street Phoenix mall area from saturday that I’ll try to post asap. But for now it’s a cup of tea and relaxation – tomorrow work begins anew.

/dev/india – Day 8 – First week in India!


I can’t believe it’s been a week already!

India has been great so far. It’s had both it’s ups and downs but I’m looking forward to the remainder of my stay.

Oskari finished a great logo concept today – wish I could share it but the whole thing is hush-hush before the official launch.

Got a picture from Oskari of the highway we crossed the other day in “Rikshaw madness“. The thing still gives me the chills when I look at it. You have like 30 centimetres of space where the cars aren’t actually driving, and there’s a culture of honking all the time in India, so you feel like somebody is going to run you over at any second.

No work tomorrow, and we’re gonna go shopping and also get to sleep in, that means browsing the net, blogging and chatting, woo!

As you readers have probably noticed I’ve tried to publish my backlog of daily posts over the past two days. I haven’t really had reliable connectivity at the hotel until now (picture proof below) and there’s been so much going on and so little time, but starting today we’re going to do one steady blog post per day. Thanks for reading so far and hope you keep on visiting now that the post schedule is a little less erratic. 🙂

Pinging my box at home, 3G connectivity isn’t always working so well at the hotel.

/dev/india – Day 7 – It’s getting hazier, Captain!


Yet another day at the office.

We’re coming to work pretty early and never leave before the sun sets, the days start to kind of float together. This blog is really helping me to keep track of what’s happening, it’s great.

Today everyone from the office were going out for shopping and drinks, but I was still not feeling well since yesterday so I stayed home, grabbed some tea, catched up on the news, reddit and social stuff. First real me-time I’ve had since I got to India, felt great.

In other news, it”s been raining a lot lately, it’s monsoon season – video courtesy of Oskari:

/dev/india – Day 6 – Design progress


We agreed on a new design! Oskari presented this completely awesome Web 4.0 concept. It’s gonna be groundbreaking for sure! Paul expressed his love for the design with passion you could only expect a frenchman to have. xD

Some of the employees haven’t really been doing HTML and CSS a lot, but we’re needing that more and more in the next week so I try to teach the guys HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and all that good jazz that comes with modern web design. It’s going very well, we made great progress in the first day.

Got a pizza from the local pizzeria. I never thought a veggie pizza could taste so great. Amazing stuff. GSL finals is coming up in a few days, can’t wait!

As featured on Twitter!

After work me and Hermine went up to her room for dinner, watched some Frasier and discussed the project further.

Started to feel a bit queasy after I got back to the room. Been pretty much just eating Indian food since I got here and I think it is taking its toll on my stomach. 😦

/dev/india – Day 5 – Rikshaw madness, again


Today was a good day at the office. Paul came to India today and talked a lot about the look of the web app we are creating and decided to do a complete overhaul of the current design.

Heading home, it was trouble with the transportation again. After failing to find a rikshaw or a cab (it was rush hour) we took the bus. The traffic was awful and the bus was pretty hot, but I think that I am adjusting to the climate, and I still felt worn and tired, but relaxed when we got off.

The bus dropped us at Goregaon station, and we walked home again. This time we were a larger group, and the road that had seemed scary the day before felt much easier the second time around.

When we got back we celebrated Pauls arrival (and the completion of our team) by having a meal at the hotel restaurant. Paul suggested I try the Tandori chicken and it was just a-mazing. Who knew you could do so much with just grilled chicken.

At dinner we got into an argument about whether you can taste the difference between Coke and Coke Light (I understand the general consensus is that you can, but I still don’t taste the difference.)