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Automatically download album art with foobar2000


Foobar in all its album artwork glory!

If you’ve ever tried looking for a plugin that automatically fetches album art from the internet for foobar2000, you know how impossible hard it is to find a good one. But fret not, it exists, and it’s called, foo_uie_biography! (Go down to “Biography View” and click the version number to download.)

This plugin allows you to use the vast image library at to download album artwork for all your tracks aut0matically upon playback, and send them to the standard artwork display area. Just make sure to enable the checkbox in the settings entitled “Provide artwork to other artwork viewers”. If you’re on windows and enable artwork caching, make sure to select a folder that doesn’t require administrative permissions for writing. (C:\Program Files\ will not work because foobar doesn’t run with administrative privileges.)

The magic checkbox.

Sources: Site

Rammstein Live at Globen, Stockholm (February 20th, 2010) – Image gallery and HD videos!


What can you really say about Rammstein? I remember seeing them back in 2004 and being completely blown away by the show, the fireworks, pyrotechnics and just their presence. Almost six years has passed since then, and even though I’m a little older and (hopefully) a little smarter today I still can’t help but to be excited and boyish for everything Rammstein is and does live just when I was six years ago. Just great!

As for Combichrist? I don’t really know… I managed to catch the last song, which was just a cascade of curse words. Meh.

At first I cut together the best footage (i.e. the ones with least amount of shaking) which landed at a nice ten minutes. Then I thought, hey – not everyone likes Rammstein, but everyone likes some nice pyrotechnics, right? So I cut together a five minute or so “Pyromania edition” which contains all of the pyrotechnic clips from the concert.

Note: Please do excuse the audio. I know it is very bad, and I did what I could with the source material. I really need a better setup than the built-in camera microphone. 😦
Another note, YouTube video compression really took a toll on the videos. If you can, watch in 720p HD!

Regular edition:

Pyromania edition – now with 100% more fire!:

T0 make benefit of high-resolution footage without watermarks, click here to download. To get all of the images in lower web resolution (with watermarks) click here.


In other news…
Yes, I know “Globen” is actually “Ericsson Globe” by now, but I’m not calling it that until they force me!

Isis and Dälek Live at Hornstull Strand, Stockholm (November 4th, 2009) – Photos and review



Remember in my last post, when I said it’s been a long since I went to a concert? It was time to change that! Seeing Isis and Dälek (Pronounced die-a-lect) really felt a world apart from Massive Attack. At Massive, we were standing ten rows back or so, but here, we were practically two feet away from the performers. Hooray for lesser known bands and up-close and personal concerts. I was initially surprised to see Dälek in the lineup, because they are a hip-hop band, but like someone pointed up, what Isis does for metal and sludge, Dälek does for hip-hop. They were great live, and reminded me somewhat of Coaxial, two thumbs up.

The club was a perfect venue for the concert, my only complaint being the horrible mixing of the microphone audio. Any singing by both Dälek and Isis was practically inaudible. Such a shame.


isis_dalek_sthlm_09_013The most bored sound check guy in existence

isis_dalek_sthlm_09_015Steffi shows some love for MC Dälek!

isis_dalek_sthlm_09_017Yours truly!

High-resolution photographs available here, lower-resolution (same size as gallery) archive available here. Also, big thans to Steffi, who took some of these pictures!

…apparently Mamiffer played just before Dälek, but we missed them. A shame, after coming home and hearing them, it would have been fun to see them live.


Massive Attack Live at Annexet, Stockholm (October 18th, 2009) – Photos and video



It’s been a while since I’ve went to a concert, so going to see Massive Attack felt great. The fact that their light show is über-awesome didn’t really hurt either. Having never seen them live, I was a bit worried that a lot of the performance would be on playback, because of the vast array of singers and musical elements they use in their songs, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them aided by a group of very talented singers. (Horace Andy, Martina Topley-Bird and Deborah Miller) They even played a brand-new song, exciting! You can see excerpts from the concert (Including the new song) in super-shiny high-definition resolution below.

If you are looking for high-resolution, non-watermarked versions of the images in the gallery below, there’s a zip archive right here for you. If you’re looking for the lower-resolution versions (same as the gallery), click here.



Software Release: Homepage downtime kit for Apache v1


downtimekitscreenshotThe bad boy in action.

When you’re managing a homepage for a while, there will be the times when you absolutely need to take your site down for maintenance – be it a hardware upgrade, code upgrade (When migrating to a new version of your/someone elses software.) or disk maintenance due to power loss or crash. But what do you show your users while the regular homepage is unavailable? Simply shutting down the server resulting in an error for the end-user is kind of boring, and gives a far less memorable expression than having a proper downtime page, all the big boys are doing it, so why shouldn’t you?

I spent a few minutes and hacked together a minimalistic “downtime kit”.

The easiest way is to temporarily redirect your page somewhere else (where you host the downtime kit) during the downtime, and there’s a multitude of ways to do so, all depending on the architecture of your hosting setup, so you’ll have to think of the best way for you to utilize this kit.

As for how it works, it simply uses the mod_rewrite functionality in Apache to redirect image requests to one central image, so that any hotlinked images you might have show a proper downtime dialogue on their respective pages. It also redirects users who want to download files and visit pages to a proper downtime dialogue.

Setting the kit up to work for your page takes less than a minute, here are what needs to be done (taken from the readme.txt file in the distribution.)


  • PHP5 (Should work with PHP4)
  • Apache with mod_rewrite (XAMPP Lite distributions work great for this purpose.)

    This kit is released as beerware, a very permissive license, so do whatever you please with the code.

    Download link:
    zip file – (Mirror 1 / Mirror 2)


    1.) Upload all the files into the root of your web directory, if you want to restrict the script to a subfolder, read step 2, otherwise skip to 3.

    2.) If you uploaded the distribution into a subfolder (like instead of the root (which in this case would be – open the .htaccess in a text editor and change the second line from:
    ErrorDocument 404 /index.php
    ErrorDocument 404 /<your subdirectoryhere>/index.php

    In our previous example, this line would be:
    ErrorDocument 404 /ahomepage/index.php

    If you have vhosts that link a subfolder to a domain name (ie you can visit the page at this step is not necessary.

    3.) Open config.php in a text editor and change the text
    <b>Status:</b><br>This page is down!
    …to whatever you wish for your downtime page to show.

    4.) Optionally change the notfound.jpg image for another one that suits you or your homepage better.

    5.) Enjoy!

    In other news…

    constantsCover art for “The Constants – The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension”

    In this episode of “In other news…” we’re going to talk about post-rock. It feels like such a huge topic, but I’ll just satisfy myself by saying it’s a fantastic genre of music, especially instrumental post-rock, so without further ado, here is a list of some of my favourite post-rock band, in unspecified order – click on the band names to visit their homepages/profiles.

    Most of these bands are relatively small, and you can find a lot of music on their respective Myspace profiles and homepages.