Instapaper Calibre Recipe

I am maintaining an Instapaper recipe for Calibre together with Jim Ramsay. It allows fetching of your personal Instapaper news feed and uses Instapapers built-in text view for the best compatibility with e-readers.

There is currently only the stable branch, and the BitBucket repository is outdated. You can find the latest source code for the recipe on the official Calibre GitHub page:

Here is the changelog info:

You can see the recipe discussion thread on MobileRead by clicking here


Old info

There are two versions of the recipe – stable and development.

The stable version of the recipe is present in the main Calibre recipe branch. All you have to do is select the recipe in Calibre and it will automatically be kept up to date.

The development version introduced new features, such as automatically archiving items, folder support and multi-page article fetching. You can get this version from BitBucket.

Feel free to leave a comment on this page if you are having any issues with the recipe.

Sources are available from BitBucket.

4 Comments on “Instapaper Calibre Recipe”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hi Stanislav, thank you for maintaining this script. I really like automatically downloading my Instapaper library to my Kindle.

    I do have one feature request: Is it possible to archive downloaded articles, so they aren’t downloaded again?

    • khromov Says:

      Hi Peter!

      I am maintaining a development version with the functionality you request. Scroll down a bit to Source v3 (Development) on this page.

      At the top of the script are configuration options, simply set:
      archive = True

      I will be moving the code over to Github or Bitbucket shortly so hopefully the process of getting the source will be easier.

  2. […] has built in Instapaper recipe. This recipe was created by Stanislav Khromov with Jim Ramsay. Recipe has two versions – stable […]

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