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This past time…


As a few of you have probably noticed, it’s been a little dry on the blog for a while, but that does not mean that it is forgotten about! In fact, there are several posts in the writing stages, but at times there are periods where I feel  unable to finish something before jumping onto the next topic. There is so much to write about, and I hope that I get to finish all of these little baby posts in due time.

Not to say it hasn’t been a very fun time these past couple of months, I’ve been doing some programming work, making my own CMS system in PHP from scratch, which has been very fun and rewarding. I’ve also gotten to know the phpBB forum intimately (although not by choice), but that’s yet another blog post in the works. I’ve even gotten around to leaving my computer and going on a great trip for a couple of days days with my friends, a sample pictured below. (See, I don’t live at my computer, only nearly.)

boattrip_09_085Sadly, we later found out that catching fish while blasting
I’m on a boat” wasn’t the best of ideas.

As for the blog, it might be some time yet before it sees a longer post, but not to worry, the goods will come. I might also start writing some less computer-focused posts, but if you’re only out for the geeky stuff, I’ll make sure to put all of the appropriate posts in the “Technical solutions” category. You could probably subscribe to the global tag for “Technical solutions” on WordPress, as I seem to be pretty much the only one using it.

Real “In other news…”
I’ve been looking at the search terms that bring people to this blog from search engines, and almost all of these are related to the tutorials that I’ve posted, which means there’s more of that coming up! As always, I appreciate all sorts of feedback through the comment system. I’ve also picked up some interesting ideas through the keywords that people use and might revise some of the tutorials to make them more informative regarding the specific areas that people searching for information are looking for. (For example, I’ve gotten a few people searching for keywords like “best settings ati control center mediaportal” to get to my HTPC-building post where I haven’t really covered what is being asked for, but that can easily be remedied with a few well-placed sentences, definitely on the “to-do” list!

In other news…
If your name is Kennet and you skipped to this part without reading the actual post, go back and read it! *glares* ;D

Time to go abroad!


londonGotta love ’em buses! (Image via.)

Just a quick note to everyone, I’m going to London for some serious sightseeing! I’ll see you all Monday with updates and pictures!

In other news…
I have a new article series en-route, keep your RSS readers updated!

Sitting in the back of a cab on my way to the airport, using 3G internet – not one single disconnect yet, sometimes you really do love technology!